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Resident Evil Village Throne Legacy Collection Statue 1/4 Alcina Dimitrescu Deluxe Bonus Version 66 cm

Resident Evil Village Throne Legacy Collection Statue 1/4 Alcina Dimitrescu Deluxe Bonus Version 66 cm

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Statues Resident Evil

"Rest while you can because I will hunt you down... and I will break you!"

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present this magnificent addition to the Throne Legacy Collection, the highly anticipated 1:4 scale TLCRE-01DXS Alcina Dimitrescu Deluxe Bonus Version from Resident Evil Village!

After the huge success of the franchise from the 7th installment, Biohazard, many fans were eager for its sequel, Village, which absolutely did not disappoint in any way, shape or form! Juxtaposing her intimidating stature and sadistic demeanor, her captivating charisma makes you love to fear her and fear to love her. Alcina Dimistrescu also referred to as Lady Dimistrescu is one of the game's primary antagonists and for many the game's very highlight. Her striking looks and elegant presence have left a very strong impression on fans. The artists at Prime 1 Studio have now put her on her throne, in all her glory!

Standing nearly 26 inches tall, the Vampire Countess sits on her throne. She shows off her feminine contour in a way that is elegant, sophisticated and seductive. Our artists have done an excellent job of capturing her commanding presence. Her piercing gaze and sinister smile faithfully replicate the impression she leaves in the game as she looks down on those who dare to enter Castle Dimitrescu. Between her left fingers rests an ornate crimson cup for her wine... or perhaps something else... She holds a long cigarette holder in her right hand, an accessory that is never out of reach. Adding to her striking appearance is her hat, a key component of her gothic and aristocratic style, which evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication, complimenting her formal attire as well as enhancing it as a whole.

Although her attire appears to be in perfect condition from head to toe, the lounge chair she is sitting on shows many signs of wear and tear over the years. The elaborate base has an antique and sumptuous chair and rug, further encapsulating the grandeur of the Victorian atmosphere. Torn and ripped in several places, there are also red bloodstains and smears all over the chair and on the carpet below.

The deluxe version allows you to expand your display options with the addition of two interchangeable head pieces, with her wearing a haunting smile on one and sending a shuddering side glance on the other. Both heads also come with a small head stand should you wish to display them next to the throne. An interchangeable left part is also included, showing off her long, pointed claws.

And when you order the bonus version from our official store or an authorized distributor, you will receive a 7-inch tall Crystal Dimitrescu, a treasured item given at the very end of the game.

The TLCRE-01DXS Alcina Dimitrescu Deluxe Bonus Version is a stunning piece of art for any collector, whether they are long-term fans of the Resident Evil series or newcomers to the survival horror genre. Pre-order her now while supplies last!


- Statue size Approx. 26 inches [H: 66 cm W: 56 cm D: 54 cm]
- Statue size Approximately 26 inches wide with clawed hand [H: 66 cm W: 67 cm D: 54 cm]
- Bonus size Approx. 7 inches [H: 17 cm W: 16 cm D: 9 cm]
- Resident Evil themed base
- Three (3) interchangeable main parts
- Two (2) interchangeable left hand parts
- One (1) Dimitrescu Crystal [BONUS PART]

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