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The Lord of the Rings Mini Statue Gimli 19 cm

The Lord of the Rings Mini Statue Gimli 19 cm

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Statues Lord of the Rings

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Gimli, son of Glóin, was one of the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring and the only dwarf among its ranks.

During the War of the Ring, Gimli was part of an unlikely trio of warriors alongside Legolas the Elf and Aragorn of the Dúnedain. Their skills were surprisingly complementary, fighting alongside each other and overcoming many insurmountable odds on their journeys.

Gimli achieved many feats throughout his life, playing an instrumental role in the Battle of Helm's Deep, the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and the Battle of the Black Gate. As a gift, he received three strands of hair from Lady Galadriel, earning himself the name 'Lockbearer'. He would also achieve a lifelong, albeit unlikely, friendship with the Elf Legolas.

Product size: 11 x 18.9 x 11 cm


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