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The Lord of the Rings Statue Ringwraith 15 cm

The Lord of the Rings Statue Ringwraith 15 cm

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Statues Lord of the Rings


Faceless beings of fear and dread, the nine Nazgûl, or Ringwraiths, were undead servants of the Dark Lord Sauron, enslaved by the Rings of Power they wore on their spectral fingers. Once the kings of men, their identities are lost, subject to the inexorable will of their master. When news of the One Ring's return reaches Mordor, Sauron sends the Nine with orders to retrieve this most powerful weapon and slay its bearer. Mounted on dark horses and cloaked in black robes, the Ringwraiths scour the countryside of the Shire in search of a Hobbit named Baggins…

Created by the same artists and craftsmen who work on the films, Ringwraith is the fifth character in the series of miniature figures from The Lord of the Rings.

Product size: 15 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm

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