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Saint Seiya BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Pope Ares 26 cm

Saint Seiya BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Pope Ares 26 cm

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Statues Saint Seiya

With his true identity hidden by a purple mask and a red helmet adorned with a dragon on top, he shows only his long white hair. And with his body covered in a white cloak over a blue tunic and with a red armor covering only his shoulders, from which long silver spikes emerge, the human representative
of the goddess Athena raising her left palm and throwing energy beams as one of the most powerful characters in the universe, over a base with the stairs to Athena's shrine. One of the most anticipated statues by fans and collectors, Iron Studios proudly presents "Pope Ares BDS - Saint Seiya - Art Scale 1/10" their first statue from the acclaimed and celebrated Japanese series Saint Seiya in this scale, opening another incredible line that would form a diorama set with the most beloved characters from the series.

Pope Ares (known in many countries as the Grand Master) is chosen from among the most virtuous and powerful saints, usually from the Golden Saints, Athena's right hand. He must be very wise and respected because his job is to be zealous for the sanctuary and lead the Saints as their military expert and strategist.
As their religious leader, he is often the only one permitted to commune with the goddess Athena, and the only one permitted to go to Star Hill, a hidden place within the sanctuary, difficult to reach even for the Saints. In addition to his strength, authority and wisdom, Pope Ares has some divine objects at his disposal, gifts from Athena herself or inherited from the mythological era. The next Pope is often chosen by Athena at the end of a Holy War and remains in command until the next era, but if he feels he has grown too old, he may choose a successor from among the most powerful and righteous Saints in New era. Pope Ares' power also comes from his vast knowledge because he has access to ancient books kept in the shrine's library and Star Hill's observatory. The main antagonist of the Sanctuary Arc, he is the identity used by the Gemini Saga, from the Gold Saints who, consumed by his evil personality, murdered Pope Ares and pretended to be him to control the Sanctuary and further his ambitions. A moral one
complex character, with two sides of his personality in conflict.

Size: 26 x 15.5 x 13 cm


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