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Soul Land PVC Statue Tang San: Classic Ver. 22 cm

Soul Land PVC Statue Tang San: Classic Ver. 22 cm

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Statues Soul Land

Soul Land Tang San: Classic Ver.

Xiao Wu and Tang San experienced each other's growth and their love transcended life and death, finally reaching a harmonious state in the Realm of the Gods.

Tang San has been captured in figure form with the Clear Sky Hammer, one of the most powerful war soul weapons in Soul Land. His gaze is fixed and turned to the side, as if ready for battle. The blue and gold edges of his outfit, its dynamic flowing look and Tang San's calm and cautious gaze towards his enemies have been faithfully captured.

The scene where Tang San and Xiao Wu activate their soul skills together is a testament to their willingness to protect each other over the past five years. It's also a memorable moment that lingers in the hearts of Soul Land fans.

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