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Star Trek II Statue 1/4 Spock 50 cm

Star Trek II Statue 1/4 Spock 50 cm

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"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

Following the success of Captain Spock's one-third masterpiece and numerous requests to recreate the art in a smaller size, Darkside Collectibles Studio presents Spock in a stunning Quarter Scale Premium Statue.

Recreated from original CBS Studio Inc, archived materials and through careful examination of the original film costumes, the statue bears a striking resemblance to actor Leonard Nimoy as he appears in Paramount Pictures' STAR TREK II: The Wrath of Khan film directed by Nicholas Meyer in 1982.

Every detail has been masterfully hand-sculpted to recreate perhaps the most beloved character in the Star Trek Universe. With the striking likeness of actor Leonard Nimoy, the character comes with two display options. The official Starfleet salute and the signature Vulcan salute of Live Long and Prosper.

A minimal Starfleet Command Seal-themed base decorated with the iconic starship Enterprise and the film's logo houses the main character in the featured art. Each statue is fully sculpted and strictly limited in number produced and sold to increase its value and protect your investment.

Your DarkSide Collectibles Studio Statue is also copyrighted by both CBS Studios Inc. and Darkside Collectibles Studio to guarantee authenticity. Don't miss your chance to receive this amazing piece of art and add to your Star Trek collector's display!


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