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Star wars Baby yoda kids t-shirt

Star wars Baby yoda kids t-shirt

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Star wars Baby yoda kids t-shirt

Fun fact: Just like in the original trilogy, Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian is also a doll. There is actually very little CGI used in the series as far as Yoda is concerned. There are two technicians who operate him at once. One is responsible for the general head and eye movements, while the other controls the child's facial expressions. This popular doll that took over all our memes on social media and honestly our hearts also costs a small chunk of money, in fact as much as $ 5 million.

Product information:

Round collar Short sleeves Silkscreen Front
100% cotton European sizes 100% officially licensed

Washing instructions:

Do not tumble dry!
Wash at max 30 degrees T-shirt and print wear much faster at 40+ degrees
Therefore, hang your clothes to hang, and you will enjoy it for a much longer time

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