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Star Wars The Mandalorian Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Boba Fett & Fennec on Throne 23 cm

Star Wars The Mandalorian Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Boba Fett & Fennec on Throne 23 cm

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Statues Star Wars

Formerly one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, working for both the criminal underworld and the Empire, he became a legend. After a long time when many believed that he had come to an end by facing Luke Skywalker and falling into the fearsome Sarlacc Pit on Tatooine, he reappeared in the series "The Mandalorian". restore his armor and take from Bib Fortuna the throne that once belonged to the late Jabba. With Fennec Shand at his side, he became the new big gangster boss in the galaxy.

The bounty hunter sits on a throne decorated with monstrous bronze heads, which minutely repeats the minimum details of the post-credit scene from season 2 of the series "The Mandalorian". Thus Iron Studios presents its statue "Boba Fett and Fennec Shand on the Throne Art Scale 1/10 Deluxe - The Mandalorian - Iron Studios". This statue features the iconic Star Wars mercenary in his restored Mandalorian armor, with his classic blaster rifle resting on the left arm of the concrete throne, and also features his mortal ally seated on the right arm of the throne, holding her blaster rifle. The statue faithfully reproduces the features of Chinese-American actress Ming-Na Wen, who plays Fennec. The scene is a preview of "The Book of Boba Fett," another Star Wars spin-off series slated for late 2021.

During the Republic era, another legendary bounty hunter named Jango Fett was the genetic donor for the creation of Clone Troopers, soldiers genetically altered at birth for rapid growth and loyalty and submission to the army of the old Galactic Republic. Fett demanded to receive for the donation, in addition to a sum of money, a single unaltered clone of himself, which he named Boba Fett and raised as a son. After seeing his father killed in battle by Jedi Master Mace Windu, Boba, unsuccessful in his quest for revenge, was imprisoned on Coruscant. After serving his sentence, he followed the same professional path as his father, working with several other hunters.

Elite mercenary and assassin Fennec Shand made her first appearance in the fifth episode of the Mandalorian series, where she was hunted by Mando and his ally Calican, was rescued by Boba Fett in the 14th episode of the series, and thus became his partner. She helped Boba Fett retrieve his armor and later rescue Grogu (Baby Yoda) to honor a deal. At the end of the mission, she follows Boba to Tatooine, where he takes control of the remnants of the Hutt cartels.

Product size: approx. 23 x 27 x 17 cm


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