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Terminator 2 Judgment Day Premium Statue 1/3 T-1000 Liquid Metal 30th Anniversary Edition 70 cm

Terminator 2 Judgment Day Premium Statue 1/3 T-1000 Liquid Metal 30th Anniversary Edition 70 cm

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Statues Terminator

“John Connor: So this other guy, he's a Terminator like you, right?

The Terminator: Not Like Me, T-1000, Advanced Prototype. Made of mimetic polyalloy

John Connor: What the hell does that mean?

The Terminator: Liquid Metal.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the sci-fi classic 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day', Darkside Collectibles Studio TM proudly presents the T-1000 Liquid Metal 30th Anniversary Premium Statue.

Following the Sarah Connor statue and the T-1000 portrayed by Robert Patrick, the Liquid Metal version is the third addition to the T2 30th Anniversary collectible series.

The T-1000 is Skynet's elite assassin robot whose body consists entirely of a mimetic polyalloy (liquid metal) that allows it to assume the shape of other objects or people of the same mass. The T-1000 is the ultimate infiltration killing machine, able to float quickly, transform innovatively, change its color and texture to simulate clothing and other non-metallic materials, including transforming its body parts into solid metal tools or bladed weapons.

The T-1000 mostly disguises itself as a police officer to gain trust, gain access to information, and present a benign appearance. Darkside Collectibles Studio TM artisans captured and brought to life the exact turning point from liquid metal machine to police rogue transformation. The statue features screen-accurate, high-detail images of Robert Patrick's likeness wearing the police officer costume as seen in the film just before the paint is applied.

A highly detailed light-themed base completes a stunning screen accurate rendering of the scene.

Highly detailed and accurate, the statue has been developed under the supervision of Studio Canal for a fantastic result of the iconic character. The finest sculpting details are implemented in this statue to guarantee the satisfaction of all Terminator Fans.

Limited to 150 pieces.

Product size: 70 x 48 x 38 cm


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