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The Batman Museum Masterline Statue 1/3 Batman Bonus Version 79 cm

The Batman Museum Masterline Statue 1/3 Batman Bonus Version 79 cm

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Prime 1 Studio is incredibly excited to present a long-awaited statue from a long-awaited blockbuster! Introducing the 1:3 Scale Museum Masterline MMTBM-03S: Batman Bonus Version Statue from The Batman!

The gritty and exciting film has finally hit cinemas and continues to garner rave reviews! True fans of the blockbuster Matt Reeves masterpiece need look no further for the most definitive and best interpretation of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman! Blitzway's incredible artisans have brought their finest sculptors and most skilled painters to bring Robert Pattinson's turn as the Caped Crusader to vivid life!

This 31-inch tall vision of Vengeance features all the movie's intricate details and picture-perfect paint! The craftsmanship on the hood is reminiscent of how Bruce Wayne created his suit by hand. Blitzway's artists made sure to convey a sense of realism to every aspect of the costume. The armor plating on Batman's body has a ballistic fabric texture stretched over hard armor plating, and that's exactly how it looks on this statue.

Although Batman is draped in black from head to toe, our master painters were sure to develop definitive paint applications to distinguish one material from another and one piece of the costume from another. The level of crispness in the paint style and the layer of detail will have fans displaying this stunning statue in the most prominent places in their fan caves.

The statue comes with a ton of impressive features: two (2) interchangeable heads (covered and unmasked), three (3) interchangeable right hands, two (2) interactive utility belt pouches with detachable adrenaline syringes, detachable diecast Batarang on the chest, detachable Sticky Bomb Gun from the holster and a fabric sheath with the visual weight of a full-size version!

Furthermore, only when you pre-order this bonus version from our official online store or an authorized distributor for a limited time, you will receive a cool bonus part: one (1) replaceable left forearm part that holds the grappling hook and one (1) replaceable Right hand part that holds Batarang!

Batman is ready to dish out revenge on an exciting, high-octane base. Inspired by the thematic elements of Batman's Batmobile, it rightfully features stunning red LED lighting reminiscent of Batman's overall color theme! Batman's iconic bat symbol sits proudly front and center as the film's title adorns the back, just below the thrusters.

Product Specifications:

- Statue Size approximately 31 inches tall [H:79.0cm W:43.5cm D:37.5cm]
- The Batman Batmobile themed base
- LED illuminated base
- Fabric cape
- Removable Diecast Batarang on chest
- Detachable Sticky Bomb Gun from the holster
- Two (2) interchangeable heads
- One (1) Left Forearm that can be replaced with a closed fist
- Two (2) belt pouches with detachable adrenaline syringes
- Three (3) interchangeable right hands (open, closed fist, holding the sticky bomb gun)
- One (1) Interchangeable Left Forearm with grappling hook [BONUS PART]
- One (1) Interchangeable Bonus Right Hand Holding Batarang [BONUS PART]

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