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The Dark Crystal Statue 1/6 Garthim 34 cm

The Dark Crystal Statue 1/6 Garthim 34 cm

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Statues The Dark Crystal

As big fans of Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal (1982), Weta Workshop is excited to delve into the world of Thra and create premium collectibles for this iconic film. The Skeksi have too long kept themselves separate from their other half, the urRu; only by repairing the Crystal of Truth can balance be restored to Thra's world. It falls to the gellings Jen and Kira, the last of their kind, to fulfill the ancient prophecy.

Instruments of war, devoid of thought or conscience; a soulless army animated by mysterious means, devoted and forever chained to the will of their master; The Garthim were appalling corruption designed by the Skeksis to carry out their brutal crusade against the Gelfling.

Hulking, crab-like foot soldiers, the Garthim served their masters without question. Sent from the Crystal Castle to enforce the Skeksis' campaign of brutality and genocide, the Garthim traveled across Thra, spreading terror wherever they went. Within the shadowy corridors and halls of the darkened castle they stood silent and motionless; sentries on ceaseless watch, or shut into lightless pits, awaiting orders from their draconian overlords.

With a mess of black legs, a polished jet-like shield, and giant devastating claws, Garthim was believed to be invincible. More powerful than any of Thr's creatures, they smashed their way through almost any barrier, be it Podling homes or the walls of Aughra's observatory. Few, if any beings were their equal, except the swift-limbed Landstriders, whose long legs could pierce Garthim shells and whose courage could overcome the terror of their piercing purple eyes.

The three circular bases of various sizes across our 1:6 scale Dark Crystal series represent the three suns in the sky of Thra; the dying sun, rose sun and big sun. Familiar iconography from the floor of the Crystal Chamber is displayed around the exterior. Spy the symbols of urSkek, which have since been appropriated as signs of discord and the aggression of the Skeksis.

Product features:

- scale 1:6;
- Limited edition of 500;
- Honors the most fearsome creature in the Skeksis arsenal;
- Has light-up LED eyes that can change color between blue and purple, as seen in the Netflix series and the 1982 movie respectively;
- Screen accurate sculpt, including the middle leg that hides the puppeteer;
- Polystone of high quality.

Dimensions: 34 x 44 x 33 cm

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