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The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Statue #13 Apple Orchard 20 cm

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Statue #13 Apple Orchard 20 cm

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Statues The Hobbit

Scattered among the grassy hills of Hobbiton like a purse full of lost coins, the round doors to many dozen hobbit holes shine in bright, summery hues, each home to a hobbit or family of the little people.

As diverse as the rosy-cheeked hobbits themselves, each smial, as hobbit holes are known, reflects the unique personality of its inhabitant, nestling into the hillside amidst a sea of ​​lush greenery.

Ripe red apples dangle thickly from the branches of Number 13's trees, framing the beautiful lemon yellow door of the home of Bilbo and Frodo's cousins, the Sackville-Bagginses. Yet, for all the charm and bounty of their home, the sour-faced Lobelia and Otho have eyes only for the Back End, peering enviously out of their window at the Hill.

Dimensions: 7 x 20 x 5.5 cm

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