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The Lord of the Rings Figures of Fandom PVC Statue Gimli 19 cm

The Lord of the Rings Figures of Fandom PVC Statue Gimli 19 cm

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Statues Lord of the Rings

Gimli is a warrior, protector, and loyal ally who has proven indispensable through the many battles and hardships faced by the unlikely team of heroes. He was the only representative of the dwarven race in the community, and he carried with him the weight and expectations of his people.

Gimli rushes into battle, cutting his enemies down to size with an inexhaustible tenacity for which the dwarven race is known. Then learning that one of his own kin was killed by an orc attack, the hardened warrior flies into a rage, transforming the dwarf into a deadly whirlwind of blade, beard and fury.

- By fans, for fans;
- Made of high quality PVC;
- Fully armed for battle with a dwarf ax in each hand;
- Mazarbul's broken book lies at his feet;
- Sculpted by Bawal Saggi.

Size: 18.6 x 19.5 x 17.1 cm

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