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Voltron Legendary Defender Riobot Action Figure Voltron 31 cm

Voltron Legendary Defender Riobot Action Figure Voltron 31 cm

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Action figures Voltron

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Voltron from "Voltron Legendary Defender" is now available in the RIOBOT series!

From "Voltron Legendary Defender" comes a die-cast model equipped with a mechanism to combine into Voltron.
Each joint is movable and poseable in lion form, and the five lions transform and merge into the giant Voltron.
The figure stands approximately 30cm tall when combined and the use of die-cast parts gives it an overwhelming sense of weight.
Weapons are also included to recreate action scenes from the animation.


- Black Lion
- Red lion
- Blue lion
- Green Lion
- Yellow lion
- weapons for Red Lion
- weapon for Blue Lion
- weapon for Green Lion
- weapon for Yellow Lion
- mechanical lion exclusive Bayard x1 each
- Sword for Voltron (long) x1
- Sword for Voltron (card) x2
- shield reproduction parts x1
- elbow joint cover x2


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