Ultimative Gundam - Gunpla Guide til Størrelser og Grades 2024

Ultimate Gundam - Gunpla Guide to Sizes and Grades 2024

The guide to Gundam sizes and grades

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There are many different Gunpla kits out there, with some being more simple compared to others. Some people choose to build Gunpla Kits that are very simple, while others choose to build more complex kits. There is something for everyone to enjoy in the world of Gunpla!

Here you will get a list and brief explanation of the "characters" so-called Grades that appear in Gunpla model sets, so that it is easier for you to understand what you are looking at when you browse our webshop.

Back in the earliest days of Gunpla, there were kits somewhat different from the ones we have today. The way they were put together involved the use of glue, which made them much less mobile than the snap-on models we have today. Additionally, these Mobile Suits were also much less mobile than the name suggests.

When it comes to model making, 1/144 scale is a good place to start. It is important to complete this Gundam kit before moving on to kits of other scales.

The evaluations are based on how well the work itself is done and how much expertise is needed.

Super Deformed SD

" Super Deformed " sets are the smallest in terms of size. SD kits are easy to identify due to their large heads and malformed body proportions, making them suitable for beginners and youngsters.

Higher Grade HG

It is cast in colors that do not need to be painted as they are of high quality. This is the easiest level for beginners.

Real Grade RG

Real Grade have the same proportion as their High-Grade counterparts (1/144), although they have more detail than the High-Grade versions. These come with an inner structure that can be layered behind the armor and outer pieces. It resembles a skeleton in appearance. Because of this, the Gundam model can be posed in different ways.

Master Grade MG

These have intricate details, most of which come with skeleton frames. The Master Grade designation indicates their superior quality. Before acquiring a Master Grade kit, a person must first independently construct a few Gundam 1/144 model kits.

Perfect Grade PG

Perfect Grade commonly known as PG kits are one of the largest kits available on the market (excluding Mega Size kits) and their 1/60 scale makes them stand out in any Gundam collection. Mega Size sets are the only other sets that can compete in size. Please do not allow Perfect Grades kit cost to deter you from making this investment as you will receive your money's worth from it. Perfect Grades sets have the highest price.

Remember to enjoy it

There is something special about making something with your own hands. It is inspiring to see each piece come together after cutting it. But even more so when you finish assembling your Gundam model kit. It will give you great satisfaction when you know that you yourself have achieved a super nice result.

You will be proud of what you have done

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