All our packaging (shipping boxes) we use are at least FSC certified. Our shipping bags in which we send all our movie t-shirts, you can safely throw in the trash. You can because it is bioplastic. The material is made of sugar cane and therefore no oil and gas has been used for the manufacture. Sugarcane grows very fast and is therefore also a renewable resource that absorbs large amounts of CO2 as they grow.

By throwing the bag in the rubbish bin after use so that it ends up in the incinerator, the bag does no harm to the environment - It evaporates and turns into carbon dioxide and water. The bags are also produced in Denmark

In addition, we are also part of the Environmental Packaging Project - Which we are really happy about, as we believe it is important to take a stand and do something

We are working on several recycling initiatives. Therefore, it may happen that when you receive an item, the box that your item will be sent in a box that has been used before. It not only makes sense financially, but also a way for us to contribute even more to less waste. That is why we also encourage our customers, but also partners, business customers to recycle what can be recycled.

However, we are already working on finding even better and more environmentally friendly solutions when it comes to our boxes.

But you can also do a lot yourself, without it having to work harder for it. In fact, you can only wash t-shirts, hoodies and the like at a maximum of 30 degrees. Today, clothes are 100% clean at 30 degrees, due to detergent today has become much more environmentally friendly, while being more efficient.

We also strongly recommend that you drop rinse aid. This is because almost all rinse aid is filled with surfactants, which destroy both textiles and the print, but are also very bad for nature.

It is also advantageous to wash the clothes inside out and LET stretch in when it comes out of the washing machine. All of this will also allow you to enjoy your clothes for much longer, for the benefit of yourself and nature.