About Supermerch.dk

About Supermerch.dk - part of www.TheMovSer.dk and www.PrintByOrder.dk

Thank you for shopping with us. Supermerch.dk is part of Filmsite TheMovSer.dk and design-it-yourself t-shirt/poster/mug PrintByOrder.dk (which also sells merchandise wholesale and business clothing), which was started in 2019 by film reviewer and TV host John Slater, who in several years was active at Pixel.tv. TheMovSer.dk had a desire for an independent film and serial news media.

The idea for the sister sites PrintByOrder.dk and Supermerch.dk was a desire to integrate John's two great passions, namely film and clothes. John has previously worked in the clothing industry for a number of years, with training in textiles and working at a printing company, which gave rise to a great passion for the creative work involved in producing printed clothing. However, it was important that it should be of delicious quality, at competitive prices and a service that shows that our customers mean EVERYTHING!.

Supermerch.dk is pure sales to private individuals and sells everything related to films, series, gaming and music merchandise. It's everything from limited edition figures, toys or t-shirts and much more. We carry, among other things, billie eilish merch that counts both t-shirts and hoodies, or what about AC/DC merch? If you want to go into the gaming related, we have several brands where we e.g. can mention Assassin's creed, Super Mario, Nintendo oma If you are missing Pop Funko figures, we are also able to deliver and at the best prices in Denmark. Last but not least, we have a fantastic selection of movie merch.

If you need to buy merchandise wholesale, go to PrintByOrder.dk, or contact us by email: kontakt@printbyorder.dk att: wholesale. Design your own t-shirt with print is offered to both individuals and companies, because who doesn't need a t-shirt / cap with a picture or design that suits you? For companies, there is no better low cost marketing than nice t-shirts or caps with quality printing. Of course, we also offer embroidery on e.g. cap. It is actually only the imagination that sets the limits

However, it was also an important point for John to make a difference. Because even though you may not be able to save the world, you can and should try to make just a small difference.

Therefore, on www.Supermerch.dk, just like on www.PrintByOrder.dk, for every t-shirt sold, DKK 5 will go to charity (only for sales to private individuals). The amount earned for good causes will be divided up among several organisations. We support e.g. permanent Psychiatry Foundation.

Feel free to contact us with ideas for who could use help.

The very best regards

John Slater


photo of Owner John Slater