An apology is in order

This year, the undersigned believed that now that more hands had been called in, all systems updated and everything made ready for both Black Friday/Week and the Christmas sale. Then everything would run perfectly smoothly. But no!

Sales have exceeded all expectations and there have not been enough hands to handle the quantity that had to be shipped. This has meant that in some cases there has been 1 extra day of processing time before dispatch. Of course, that's not good enough.

Normally, a personal email is also sent out to all customers who order On-Demand and Pre-order items. Unfortunately, it has turned out that the mail system had some errors (these should have been fixed by now), so that there are some customers who never received that mail. I haven't been able to check who got them and who didn't. However, as far as it has been possible, I have tried to send emails again or call them personally where there might be a problem. If there are those who have not received an email or phone call, feel free to contact the undersigned by email; Attn: John. If there are any questions.

However, close to 100% of all customers have received their goods and on time, which I am very happy about. However, there are a few hanging parts, but these are being fixed and being shipped. Customers who have purchased On Demand/Pre-order items and who have yet to receive their items can expect to receive their items within a few business days.

The On-Demand/Pre-order items have taken longer to arrive than usual. Most arrived as normal. But some shipments from our distributors have been stuck in the EU (Germany) for a long time. The last ones are arriving though, so these too will be shipped ASAP!

All of this has also meant that the personal greetings that I have in the packages are currently not included. There just hasn't been enough time, unfortunately.

This is solely the undersigned's fault and can only offer my unreserved apology.

The very best regards


John Slater