Pre-order Products Info

Important info about Pre-Order products

What are Pre-Order merchandise products and what does it mean to you?

These are pre-order items from various manufacturers such as Sideshow Collectibles, Bandai, Iron Studios, just to name a few.

For many of these, a certain number is produced and for some they are only made according to how many orders come in. However, some of them have a maximum number to make the item even more unique and desirable.

As with our On Demand products, we have the best prices in the EU. We have that because we have been quite good at negotiating extra good prices and because of our quite good connections. Yes, the rest of you. Yes, you are very welcome to compare prices with our Danish competitors and other EU retailers.

However, the low price comes with a minor catch, and that is that the purchase from us is binding. This is because the item has been ordered specifically for your home and the manufacturer has this as a requirement in order for us to get extra good prices.

The pre-order products we sell are therefore NOT for you who need the product within a few days, as you can get with all our other merchandise products.

Do you have a challenge for us? If you have seen a product elsewhere, we are more than happy to take on the challenge of getting the product to your home, and this at a good price. All you have to do is send us a link with the product to and then we will investigate the possibility of what price and how long it will take until we have the item at home.

If the item is extra discounted or in some other way an offer, then of course it is not certain that we can make it cheaper. But the chance is good. In any case, we are happy to investigate whether we can match or make it even better

We probably have Europe's best network of manufacturers and dealers, which makes us quite competitive on prices. We also attach great importance to honesty and service.

So don't hold back from contacting us and we will do everything to ensure that you get what you want at the best price.

The best greetings


John Slater

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