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Back to the Future II Art Scale Statues 1/10 Full Set Deluxe 58 cm

Back to the Future II Art Scale Statues 1/10 Full Set Deluxe 58 cm

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Back to the Future statue set

The young Marty McFly and his friend, Dr. Emmett Brown, a newcomer to the hypothetical future year 2015, wears special futuristic outfits to go unnoticed. They are planning their next move together with their time-shifting vehicle, the iconic Delorean Time Machine, which will in future float across the bottom of a street in the town of Hill Valley.

The vehicle was faithfully replicated with every detail of the original, with cables, wires and gadgets, full of interior and exterior lights, and even with the so-called Mr. Fusion that produces fuel from waste (preferably organic). With a light in its unmistakable flux capacitor, the wheels raised in flight position, the vehicle is supported by a sidebar similar to the one used in the movie scene.

Last but not least, the open seagull door, which reveals the interior of Delorean and the cycle of time. The material used to make the vehicle was mostly resin, with a minimum of plastic parts used in its composition. Iron Studios proudly presents its first statue version of the stunning "DeLorean Full Set Deluxe - Back to the Future Part II - Art Scale 1/10", which forms the background for this diorama.

A newspaper that lies before his feet reporting the arrest of his young friend's son, Marty McFly from the future, causes the researcher to calculate every second by looking at his watch. The doctor wears clothes that stand out by today's standards, but are common in their fictional era. He has in his one hand his silver-free Augmented Reality Wearable glasses. Iron Studios presents the statue of Doc Brown - Back to the Future Part II - Art Scale 1/10, which is part of this diorama scenario of the second film in the franchise.

The young adventurer is properly dressed in futuristic automated clothing, such as a self-adjusting, self-drying jacket and the much-desired sneaker, which is also self-adjusting. The young man arrives in the future wearing a light iridescent cap and holds in one hand a floating board resembling a skateboard called a hoverboard. All these accessories were given by his best friend, Dr. Brown so that he could be dressed according to that time and fulfill the task of preventing his son from being imprisoned. The statue Marty McFly - Back to the Future Part II - Art Scale 1/10, added to the diorama scenario created by Iron Studios, has at the bottom of the figure's feet the tubular backpack that contained his futuristic costume.

- Limited Edition
- Based on original references
- Made in Polystone
- Handpainted


- DeLorean: 24 x 58 x 37 cm
- Marty McFly: 22 x 15 x 13 cm
- Doc Brown: 25 x 13 x 15 cm

Expected Delivery Date September 2022

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