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Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Early Governor Vol. 1 7 cm

Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Early Governor Vol. 1 7 cm

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Model set Hexa Gear

GOVERNOR: This is the name of the soldiers who design and pilot the Hexa Gear.

After the crystal reactors were built to produce the renewable energy source known as HEXA GR.AM, humanity tossed aside the previous energy resources that were nearly depleted, welcoming a new era where all resources were replaced by HEXA GR.AM Humanity looked to the future with hope in their hearts, but conflict broke out over the possession of the crystal reactors. Soon, massive corporations with funds and access to technology began independently developing Hexa Gear designed for combat, further exacerbating the conflict.

The crystal reactors were not only a catalyst for war and conflict, but also quietly polluted the environments where humans resided and corroded the earth.
In order to continue their activities in the areas surrounding the crystal reactors, humans developed mechanical armor known as Armor Type to survive in inhospitable environments, and this armor was quickly adapted for combat.

The early Governor was used prior to the current armor types developed alongside the third generation Hexa Gear, at a time when the contamination from the crystal reactors was far less severe. With far less equipment than current units, this armor type is considered to be the earliest Governor model.

? Assault rifle
? Bullpup rifle
? Machine gun
? Handgun
? Combat knife
? Breast Rich
? Alice Pack

Product Specifications:
? This model comes with a variety of military-inspired parts so you can create a well-equipped soldier.
? The model comes with five main parts, including parts with shooting glasses and with or without a helmet.
? The model comes with six types of newly designed hand parts and three types of hands from Pawn: A1 for a total of nine hand parts.
? The Alice Pack can be divided into parts, and each part is equipped with a 3mm opening or button, so you can connect them in a variety of places on the model.
? The combat knife and pistol can be stowed in the sheath and holster, which can be attached to the model's thigh.

Included items:
? Early Governor Body x1
? 5 types of main parts x1 set
? 9 types of hand parts (six new types)
? Alice Pack x1 set
? Assault Rifle x1
? Submachine gun x1
? Handgun x1
? Holster (with gun stored) x1
? Holster (with gun drawn) x1
? Combat Knife x1
? Knife sheath (with knife hidden) x1
? Knife sheath (with blade drawn) x1
? Breast Rich x1
? PVC Hexa GR.AM x1
? Archive card x1

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