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Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit Governor Warmage Hetzer 8 cm

Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit Governor Warmage Hetzer 8 cm

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Model set Hexa Gear

Model specifications:

- This model is 76mm in size and has 28 points of articulation to create many different poses.
- The neck joint can move back and forth to create a wide variety of positions, such as "chin tuck" and "facing up diagonally."
- The ankle joints are movable for extra stability when standing.
- The main sensor part on the front of the head is made with a milled part, which can also be changed to one with the optional "Multitracker" part attached.
- The included two submachine guns can be attached to the model's thighs through fasteners.
- Various parts can be attached to the 3 mm connecting links built into the connecting part of the HEXA GR.AM piece on the back of the model, the thighs and the lower hip.
- By using the included "expansion bracket" for the forearm, users can attach parts that have 3mm joints.
- The color scheme of this model is light brown, warm grey, light grey, dark gray and black.

Included items:

- Submachine gun x2
- Mounting parts for machine gun x2
- Optional part "Multitracker" for Head x1
- Expansion bracket for forearm x1
- Left and right wrist parts (closed, open, weapon holder)
- Archive card x1

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