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Peaky blinders cast poster 100% licensed

Peaky blinders cast poster 100% licensed

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Peaky blinders cast poster 100% licensed

Official Peaky Blinders Cast Poster

Poster size: 61 * 91cm

The Peaky Blinders cast has taken the world by storm. This dysfunctional family with the most beautiful style, has been hugely popular from the first days.

The Peaky Blinders cast that counts excellent actors such as Cillian Murphy as the family's Tommy Tommy Shelby, who will do anything to protect his family, but just as much power to himself.

In addition, the cast counts names such as Tom Hardy, Paul Anderson, Helen McCrory and many other fantastic British actors.

Fun Fact:

One of the funnier facts about Peaky Blinder's cast is that when Helen McCrory had to learn the rather special Brummie accent, which is a Birmingham accent. Then she had to get help from one of Rocken's biggest names, Ozzy Osborne himself.

Ozzy Osborne is one of Birmingham's most famous native stars ever. Who would have thought that Ozzy could help in a series.

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