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Rick & Morty Low hanging fruit unisex t-shirt

Rick & Morty Low hanging fruit unisex t-shirt

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Rick & Morty Low hanging fruit unisex t-shirt

Fun fact: Justin Roiland (One of Rick & Morty's creators) did a little animated show called House of Cosby's, which led to him receiving several letters from Bill Cosby's lawyers threatening with more lawsuits. . As a humorous protest, he decided to create a vulgar Back to the Future parody called The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. His two characters are named Doc Smith and Mharti McDonhalds, this to avoid a lawsuit. When Roiland edited the sound for this, he fell so in love with the voices he had made for the two characters that he decided to drop his protest and develop the characters more and eventually shape them into Rick and Morty.

Product information:

Round collar Short sleeves Silkscreen Front
100% cotton European sizes 100% officially licensed

Washing instructions:

Do not tumble dry!
Wash at max 30 degrees T-shirt and print wear much faster at 40+ degrees
Therefore, hang your clothes to hang, and you will enjoy it for a much longer time
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