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Venom: Let There Be Carnage BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Venom 30 cm

Venom: Let There Be Carnage BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Venom 30 cm

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Marvel statue

As if smiling, the muscular figure with slimy black skin shows off its frighteningly sharp teeth. He reveals his long tongue and with closed eyes, focusing on a goal of promoting his twisted sense of justice by eliminating criminals to protect his city. On top of a rubble base, Iron Studios presents the statue "Venom - BDS Art Scale 1/10 - Venom: Let There Be Carnage" with the symbiote anti -hero in its cinematic version.

Derived from a comet full of symbiotic life forms and discovered by a space probe from a bioengineering company called the Life Foundation, a foreigner melts in symbiosis with the investigative journalist Eddie Brock to survive and thus create from that association the monstrous creature that presents itself as Gift.

As part of an invading force that sought new worlds for the symbiots to take over and feed on, the creature and Brock end up creating a deep bond and together decide to help protect the Earth from the invasion of alien species. After completing the mission, both remain secretly connected and committed to protecting the city by eliminating criminals. origin from the comics, where the character has its origins linked to Spider-Man. The alien from the species known as Klyntar originated in 1984 as an alien costume of the arachnid hero, but was Married in 1988 in the art of the legendary Todd McFarlane. Originally a villain in Spider-Man's gallery of enemies, thanks to his popularity, Venom has become an anti-hero calling himself The Lethal Protector. He became one of Marvel's most popular characters in the 1990s.


- License: Marvel Comics
- Scale: 1/10
- Limited Edition
​​- Made of polystone - * (may contain parts of resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
- Hand painted

Size: 30 x 19 x 24 cm

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Expected Delivery Date June 2022

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