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Batman Premium Masterline Series Statue Batman Blackest Night Version 45 cm

Batman Premium Masterline Series Statue Batman Blackest Night Version 45 cm

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Statues of Batman

"You have served your purpose, "Bruce Wayne. Back to rest!" - Black Hand

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the next entry to our Premium Masterline series: here is the 1/4 scale PMDCBN-01 Batman from the Blackest Night series!

Step into the shadows of the DC Universe with our haunting Black Lantern version of Batman from the iconic Blackest Night cabinet. In this groundbreaking series, as darkness descends upon the universe, resurrected heroes and villains are consumed by the insatiable hunger of the Black Lantern Corps, who embody death itself. Among them is Batman, who has been transformed into a terrifying symbol of darkness that threatens to engulf all life. As always, our talented artists have shown exceptional talent in recreating the Dark Knight's rise from the grave.

Over 18 inches tall, the Caped Crusader's undead form is crafted with exceptional detail and precision. His posture is an unsettling mix of menace and decay. Like a zombie, his limbs move with an unnatural stiffness, as if fighting against the substance of death itself. One arm reaches forward with claw-like fingers, reaching out to claim the souls of its still-living comrades. His once noble features are now twisted into a grotesque mask of horror, from the rotting skin to the dynamic rippling, tattered cloak; each element is skillfully sculpted to evoke horror and awe as he stands atop his tombstone.

Whether displayed as a centerpiece of your collection or as a tribute to one of DC's most epic crossovers, this statue is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Dark Knight. Embrace the darkness and add this exquisite piece to your collection today by pre-ordering the PMDCBN-01 Batman.

Product Specifications:

- Statue Size approx. 18 inches tall [H:45cm W:36cm D:41cm]
- Blackest night themed base


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