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Berserk Statue 1/3 - Guts in Berserker Armor Unleash Edition Deluxe Bonus Version (121 cm) from Museum Masterline

Berserk Statue 1/3 - Guts in Berserker Armor Unleash Edition Deluxe Bonus Version (121 cm) from Museum Masterline

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Statues Berserk

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the Museum Masterline Series: MMBR-02DXS 1:3 Scale Guts Berserker Armor Unleash Edition Deluxe Bonus Version of Berserk!

The incredible artists at Prime 1 Studio bring you another stunning statue of Guts, the Black Swordsman! Our interpretation of Guts - ready for a knockdown, drag out fight stands at a jaw-dropping 47.6 inches tall to the very tip of the Dragonslayer!!! His cape sweeps around him to emphasize his iconic stature; his somber demeanor sets the tone. Guts' Berserker armor is faithfully recreated with multiple layers of paint, weathering and washing to bring out every infinitesimal detail and texture. His dark and jagged base is littered with the corpses of the demons he has already defeated as he wades through a demonic hellscape of death. The LED lighting in the base is sure to cast a bloody, dramatic light on this stunning statue!

This Deluxe Bonus Version includes (3) amazingly accurate head portraits of intestines that can be replaced with their own head stands. So you can provide your own storytelling while displaying the tortured warrior in your fan cave! Guts also comes with three (3) different interchangeable right arms in different positions to give you choices in how battle-ready he is. And when you pre-order this Deluxe bonus version from our official online store or an authorized distributor, you'll receive a cool extra bonus piece: a fourth interchangeable head portrait of Guts on his own head stand, with a comic base on his face. But still ready to unleash hell!

Let the MMBR-02DXS Guts, Berserker Armor Unleash Edition Deluxe bonus version fight its way into your collection! This is a sure win for any die-hard Berserk fan!

Product Specifications:

- Statue Size: 121 x 67 x 43 cm
·Berserk-themed Base
·LED-illuminated function on the base
·Three (3) interchangeable main portraits
·Three (3) interchangeable right arms
·Two (2) Berserker Armor themed headstands
·One (1) Exchangeable Bonus Comic Portrait [BONUS PART]
·One (1) Bonus Berserker Armor Head Stand [BONUS PART]

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