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Black Adam Art Scale Statue 1/10 Hawkman 36 cm

Black Adam Art Scale Statue 1/10 Hawkman 36 cm

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With his large gold and red wings unfurled from his suit, formed by multiple bars that simulate his feathers, protecting him and allowing him to fly at high speed, the Winged Champion of Justice takes flight powered by his armor built using N' te metal, a rare and exotic mineral that allows his suit to defy gravity. Carrying a plume, equipped with the nth power for missions, able to weaken his enemies without actually killing them, and carrying a golden shield in his left arm with his symbol in the form of a bird of prey's head in the center, which complementing his suit, he owns a winged helmet with golden textures all around that, in addition to protecting him, also preserves his identity. Above a diorama pedestal where ancient Egyptian ruins connect to metallic platforms, Iron Studios presents their statue "Hawkman BDS - Black Adam -Art Scale 1/10", featuring the noble and experienced leader of the Justice Society in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) .

Played by the actor Aldis Hodge in Black Adam, the 11th film of the DCEU, Hawkman, one of the most iconic DC heroes, debuts on the big screens and in the series of statues by Iron Studios derived from this super production from Warner . Revealed at the Inside Iron Studios Day show in October, where the statue was presented in detail. Also check out the "Black Adam - Black Adam - Art Scale 1/10" statue, both available for pre-order, and soon more news from Iron Studios derived from the DCEU, and much more from the DC Universe, see more on Iron Studios' social media and YouTube channel.

Size: 36 x 34 x 21 cm


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