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Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figures 1/9 Chip & Dale 10 cm

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Dynamic 8ction Heroes Action Figures 1/9 Chip & Dale 10 cm

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Action figures Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip n' Dale, Rescue Rangers was another huge hit from Disney when it launched way back in 1989. The series revolved around a pair of cute chipmunks with stylish outfits and a taste for adventure and followed a group of 'Rescue Rangers' who solved every crime , big or small! A perennial hit, the show was even revived as a live-action movie in 2022 under Disney+.

Our lovable pair are back in 'Dynamic 8ction Hero' DAH form with the release of Beast Kingdom's DAH-057 Rescue Rangers Chip n' Dale! Based on the original animated series, both characters wear their original outfits made from real fabric, including Chip wearing his 'Indiana Jones' inspired fedora hat and jacket and Dale wearing his red Hawaiian shirt! A variety of interchangeable hands, face sculpts and accessories such as the signature magnifying glass and shovel tops from the set!

DAH-057 Rescue Rangers Chip n' Dale:

·DAH design with about 10 points of articulation
·Two (2) chip face sculpts (normal, smiling)
·Two (2) Dale Face Sculpts (Normal, Smiling)
·Four (5) pairs of interchangeable hands (fist, open, wand, grasping, relaxed)
·Accessories: Binoculars, shovel, magnifying glass
·Exclusive Chip Fedora hat
·Clothes made of real fabric, (fixed zipper)

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