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Critical Role Statue Nott the Brave - Mighty Nein 19 cm

Critical Role Statue Nott the Brave - Mighty Nein 19 cm

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Statues Critical Role

"Chemistry is good, honey, but killing is better."

Sideshow presents the Nott the Brave - Mighty Nein statue sneaking into our treasure trove of officially licensed Critical Role statues. This nifty collectible measures 7.5" tall and is fully sculpted as a three-dimensional celebration of the team's eccentric thief.

Cute as a button and just as likely to steal one from under your nose, Nott the Brave uses his diminutive pixie size and quirky nature to strike from the shadows. During her time with Mighty Nein, she becomes more assertive as a mystical and alchemically inclined troublemaker and protector of her newfound family. The Nott the Brave Statue captures her mid-campaign look with a vibrant yellow and gray layered dress, a brown jacket, beat-up leggings and brown boots. Her dark hair is divided into two braids and her green complexion contrasts with yellow cat-like eyes. Nott holds her loaded crossbow in the air with one hand while the other grabs her silver flask filled with some liquid courage. On her hips she carries a kettle of bolts and the porcelain mask she used to hide behind.

Nott the Brave - The Mighty Nein statue stands on a hexagonal faux stone figure base, engraved with the Mighty Nein monogram, which complements her other teammates in the collection. Her detailed design is finished off with accents like yellow flowers in her hair, gold nose and ear piercings, and a necklace of multicolored buttons. Bring home the Caleb Widogast - Mighty Nein Statue, sold separately, to reunite these best friends on your shelf. Nott also has great chemistry with other characters in the Critical Role collection, including Beauregard "Beau" Lionett, Caduceus Clay, Fjord Stone, and her detective partner Jester Lavorre, all of which are sold separately. From mercenaries to founding family, Mighty Nein makes a must-have collection for Critters.

No thieves needed to find this loot. Get the Nott the Brave - Mighty Nein Statue home today! (You can reply to this message.)

Product size: 19 x 18 x 16 cm


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