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Dark Nights: Death Metal Statue 1/3 Death Metal Superman Deluxe Ver. 94 cm

Dark Nights: Death Metal Statue 1/3 Death Metal Superman Deluxe Ver. 94 cm

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Statues DC Comics

"Sorry. All living, dead, undead we fight together!"

Prime 1 Studio is extremely proud and excited to present another head-banging piece joining our Museum Masterline, the 1:3 scale DEATH METAL SUPERMAN DELUXE VERSION from DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL

Brought to us by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion, Dark Nights: Death Metal culminates the five-year build of the Dark Multiverse Saga, uniting every story from the New 32 and DC Rebirth into a single universe. After the breaking of the Well Wall, which freed Perpetua, our heroes are at the mercy of the Batman Who Laughs. Wonder Woman launches a rescue mission on New Apokolips to free Superman from the Darkfather's torture machine. Enter a long-haired, Darkseid-infected Superman equipped with luminously fast fingers that would shred through a mind-numbing apocalyptic guitar solo.

Prime 1 Studio has created a version of the Man of Steel that has been affected by the Anti-Life Equation, after being tortured with Kryptonite by the Darkfather's Murder Machine, Superman's appearance has been changed forever. Standing over 37 inches tall, Clark channels his ultimate rage as he fights his final battle to save humanity once again. His hair may have grown long, but it flows majestically across his sharp features. After being exposed to Kryptonite and the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid's infection has begun to spread, starting with his powerful and muscular right arm turning it into a stone-like limb. Oh, how it bears a suspiciously striking resemblance to Darkseid! His ripped shirt, skin tight leather pants, steel belt and red boots are the ultimate heavy metal outfit that only Kal-El himself could have pulled off perfectly! The Darkest Knight and Perpetua's demonic horde of zombies and elf-bearded tentacles claw and reach out at his feet. Obsidian razor-sharp stones that protrude from the deepest depths of the abyss. At the bottom of all this we find the S-shield, Krypton's symbol of hope. Once again, the breathtaking level of finesse and detail is a huge understatement.

The Death Metal Superman Deluxe version comes with two (2) extra heads that wear different expressions as well as two (2) display head stands so you can choose to display your Death Metal Superman with the most metal look possible, whether you want him with an angry look or a stern look, screaming or gritted teeth, this Deluxe version has you covered!

Don't wait any longer, add this hard-rocking, head-banging, guitar-shredding masterpiece to your Dark Nights: Metal & Heavy Metal collection today!

Product Specifications:

- Size: 94 x 56 x 55 cm
- New Apokolips Demon-themed Base
- Three (3) interchangeable Superman heads
- Two (2) main display stands

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