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DC Comics Diorama Batman & Catwoman 51 cm

DC Comics Diorama Batman & Catwoman 51 cm

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Statues DC Comics

"We've been doing this dance for a long time. Too long. Aren't you curious at all?"

Sideshow presents the Batman and Catwoman Diorama, a dynamic DC Comics collectible that celebrates one of the most iconic couples in Detective Comics history.

Measuring 20" tall and 9.25" wide, this fully sculpted polystone DC statue depicts a Gotham City rooftop encounter with all the sensuality and playfulness that surrounds the relationship between the Dark Knight and his beloved companion. Catwoman positions herself in front of her beau, mask off and warm smile on. Dressed in a black cat suit, she swings her signature bullwhip across Batman's shoulders, back arched and eyes on the prize as she pulls the Caped Crusader closer.

Stoic as ever, Batman looks away from Selina Kyle, though he can't resist a soft touch at her waist. His black cloak sweeps down and around them, enveloping the pair in their intimate nocturnal embrace. They both stand on a warm church, the orange glow of its directional paint lighting fanning the flames of their evening meeting.

Honor their romantic legacy when you take home the Batman and Catwoman Diorama today!

Size: 51 x 23 x 27 cm

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