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DC Comics Statue 1/3 Thaal Sinestro 111 cm

DC Comics Statue 1/3 Thaal Sinestro 111 cm

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"In the blackest day, in the brightest night, watch your fear turn to light. Let those who try to stop what is right burn as my power, Sinestro's power!" - Thaal Sinestro

Prime 1 Studio is excited and proud to bring Hal Jordan's nemesis and one of the greatest supervillains in the DC Universe into our Museum Masterline series: MMDC-60 Thaal Sinestro in the 1:3 scale from DC!

Hal Jordan's mentor, Thaal Sinestro, was also known as the greatest Green Lantern at one point...until he grew tired of the weakness he perceived from his old masters, the Guardian of the Universe. Striding out on his own, harnessing the power of fear, he created...the Sinestro Corps!
Now terrorizing the DC Universe, the Sinestro Corps will go up against their sworn enemies, the Green Lanterns!

In this phenomenal statue, nearly 44 inches tall, Sinestro soars through an asteroid field and calls forth his vast reserves of power in a display of fearsome might. Sinestro is just as brilliant as his green counterpart, looking stunning in his black and gold uniform, surrounded by fiery, golden-yellow energy. The more fear Sinestro can instill, the stronger his power becomes... and it looks like he's scaring the bejeezus out of anyone!

The skilled craftsmen at Prime 1 Studios have done an incredible job with this dark yet shining DC Super Villain. Full of contrasting blacks, magentas and brilliant golds, this statue is a marvel to behold! The interweaving, flowing lines of Sinestro's pose and yellow Power Ring energy complement each other in a breathtaking cosmic dance that is an experience for the senses.

And as Thaal Sinestro is imbued with yellow Sinestro Corps Fear energy, so is this statue with LED lighting! Prime 1 Studio engineers equipped this 1:3 scale masterpiece with LED functionality in Sinestro's Power Ring, Power Battery and Base effects! Perfect for display in a dimly lit showcase.

He hovers on a spectacular asteroid-strewn base burning with his incredible Yellow Lantern energy! The base features a Power Battery that burns with the same fear energy on the front, and the sigil of The Sinestro Corps is proudly displayed on the back.

Light up your fan cave by displaying your awesome lantern statues face to face with MMDC-59 Green Lantern Hal Jordan, for example! Fly and pre-order today!


- Statue Size: 110.8 x 49.2 x 48.4 cm
- Sinestro Corps-themed environmental asteroid-strewn base
- LED lighting in the ring, power battery, base icon and base

Limited edition.

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