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Disney Mini Diorama Stage Statues 10 cm 100 Years of Wonder Pixar Alphabet Art Assortment (6)

Disney Mini Diorama Stage Statues 10 cm 100 Years of Wonder Pixar Alphabet Art Assortment (6)

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Disney minifigures

Within the Disney group there are also many production houses that have created films that have inspired generations. One such company is PIXAR, with their signature digitally animated creations. Loved by adults and children alike, their gripping stories have taken viewers to distant, ancient lands all the way to the cosmos. To celebrate 100 years of Disney wonder, Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is launching a collection of Mini D-Stage (Staging Your Dreams) dioramas from the world of Disney. This collection focuses on PIXAR and its infamous Art Text lettering that has become synonymous with the company. Five characters including the famous lamp are included with fan favorite characters from PIXAR history. Collect all 6 and make your very own PIXAR magic on a desktop near you!

P- Monsters Inc with Mike Wazowski being chased by human children.
I- Brave, sees the heroic princess Merida in the middle of showing off her archery skills.
X- Finding Nemo, a wonderfully cute journey to the depths of the sea with Nemo and Dolly as your guides.
A- A Toy Story, Woody has always been a brave cowboy ready to save the day.
R- Turning Red sees the adorable Mei Li transform into a red panda, bringing tons of laughs along the way.
PIXAR Lamp is the famous mascot of the animated studio, with his own incredibly funny personality!

Each PVC minifigure is 10cm tall.

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