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Disney Mini Egg Attack Figures 8 cm 100 Years of Wonder Series Assortment (6)

Disney Mini Egg Attack Figures 8 cm 100 Years of Wonder Series Assortment (6)

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Disney minifigures

Disney's 100 Years of Wonders! Are you ready to join the festivities?

Disney, a brand we all grew up with, is reaching the Disney 100 Years of Wonder milestone. To celebrate, Beast Kingdom's classic 3-inch Mini Egg Attack (MEA) series is back with a "Disney 100 Years of Wonder" series of figures. The series brings together the main characters of 6 classic animations, with each figure including a logo with the animation name in addition to a Disney 100 Years of Wonder emblem as well. All of this makes it a highly sought-after collector's item.

"The Little Mermaid" - Ariel lies on the infamous rock and sings her heart out.
"Cinderella" - Cinderella faces the challenge with a smile despite all her hard work.
"Pocahontas" - Moana, who has been a helping hand to others since childhood, helps the many turtles who have to return to the sea.
"Dumbo" - Dumbo takes his favorite bubble bath.
"Ratatouille" - add some tasty cheese..., Remy is ready to start cooking for today's feast.
"Winnie the Pooh" - The distinctive round belly, you can tell it's Winnie the Pooh at a glance!

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