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Eternals BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Ikaris 29 cm

Eternals BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Ikaris 29 cm

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Buy Eternals BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Ikaris in 29 cm and get cheap shipping! We offer this fantastic high quality collectible figure from Iron Studios at a competitive price. Grab Ikaris and add him to your Eternals collection today to experience an impressive and detailed figure true to the character from the film. Order now and enjoy the cheap shipping while it's still available!

Floating above a pedestal of ancient ruins, the tactical leader of the team of immortal heroes flies into battle, fists clenched and his stern face ready to meet the monstrous deviants. A loyal soldier who prides himself on following orders and carrying out his mission, able to use his cosmic energy to project powerful beams from his eyes, and able to fly, hover and soar through the vacuum of air and space at hypersonic speeds ; Iron Studios brings the statue "Ikaris BDS - Eternals - Art Scale 1/10", featuring the most powerful member of the immortal Eternals.

After living secretly on Earth for millions of years, a group of ten immortal beings sent from their home planet of Olympia by the celestial giant called Arishem, the Judge, arrived in a spaceship known as The Domo, to protect humans from one of the the oldest threats, the creatures known as Deviants. Named the Eternals, this team of superheroes travels through growing civilizations to defend them against deviants, but Arishem has forbidden them from interfering in human conflicts to allow them to evolve naturally. Over the centuries have
The eternal Sersi and Ikaris formed a close relationship and became a couple. When the Deviants were apparently extinct in the 16th century, the group broke up, each going their separate ways, that's when Ikaris left Sersi, and everyone just awaited their return to Olympia. But the emergence of a deviant rejoins the group to defend Earth. Created by Jack Kirby in the comics, Eternals #1 was published in 1976 and made its place in the MCU in 2021 in the film by Chinese director Chloé Zhao.

Iron Studios brings the Eternals' only collection of statues, featuring all members of the group. Presented in the Inside Iron Studios Day virtual event, the statues are part of the collection that makes up a diorama set of the entire group, but they also work perfectly individually and represent your favorite character. Check out all Eternals statues by Iron Studios, a hit from Marvel Studios with a sequel confirmed for the big screens.

Size: 29 x 14 x 15 cm

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