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Evangelion Statue Evangelion Test Type 01 Night Battle Version Concept by Josh Nizzi 67 cm

Evangelion Statue Evangelion Test Type 01 Night Battle Version Concept by Josh Nizzi 67 cm

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Official Statues Evangelion

"This is man's ultimate fighting machine...the synthetic life form known as Evangelion, Unit 1. Built here in secret, it is humanity's last hope." -Ritsuko Akagi.

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the Ultimate Diorama Masterline Series: the non-scale UDMEVA-03NB: Evangelion Test Type 01 Night Battle Version Concept by Josh Nizzi of Evangelion! Unit 01's most famous battle was arguably with the angel, most commonly known as Sachiel. This is the angel that terrorized Tokyo-3 on the same day that Shinji Ikari arrived at the behest of his father, Gendo! That night, Shinji was forced to pilot Unit-01 to disastrous first. Unit-01 gone berserk and destroyed Sachiel is a unique, captivating fight. Prime 1 Studio delivers a tribute to that evening conflict with our Night Battle version! Limited to 500 pieces, the close to 27-inch tall Night Battle version comes with everything the standard version did, with exciting upgrades!
The Night Battle version most notably comes with a stunning new paint job! The dark purple parts of Evangelion are now toned to a more blue hue...reflecting the nocturnal palette that Japanese anime artists are known to reference. In addition, the Night Battle version comes with Fluorescent Paint for all the green details of Eva. Shine a black light on it and Eva will come alive! The intricate detail on this figure is amazing!

The Night Battle version comes with two (2) interchangeable heads where its striking eyes feature LED lighting! Unit-01 strides through Tokyo-3's nightscape, grabs his progressive knife, and pulls the remaining carcass of Sachiel (as well as other Easter Eggs)!

This statue truly recreates a moment to behold! A must-have for Evangelion fans everywhere!

Product Specifications:

·Statue Size approx. 26.6 inches tall [H:67.5cm W:40.4cm D:48.7cm]
· Evangelion Tokyo-3 theme base with the remaining carcasses of Sachiel and other easter eggs
·Two (2) interchangeable heads
·LED lighting (eyes)
· Limited number made

Limited Edition of 500 pieces worldwide.

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