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Evoroids Plastic Model Kit Progress Good 10 cm

Evoroids Plastic Model Kit Progress Good 10 cm

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Model set Evoroids

A model born out of the concept of incorporating user-friendly building blocks for user customization.

PROGRESS BODY, complete with extra parts, joins the cool and cute chibi robot plastic model kit series EVROIDS!

The collector's manual includes an ongoing comic, drawn by Koichi Tokita!

What is God's plan and how is it connected to ""Evorium," the new ore discovered on Eumelia Island!?

This series uses a universal core part that uses 3mm joints with a simple design that allows for a wide range of customization options with other products.

The 3mm joints are compatible with Kotobukiya's other original series, such as Frame Arms, Hexa Gear, Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device and more, allowing you to create a wide range of custom mechanisms limited only by your imagination!

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