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Frame Arms Girl Plastic Model Kit Stylet XF-3 Plus 17 cm

Frame Arms Girl Plastic Model Kit Stylet XF-3 Plus 17 cm

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Model set Frame Arms

The styled XF-3 joins the Frame Arms Girl series with a new unarmed headstock included!

Frame Arms Girl is a unique spin-off series that redesigns the robots of the original Frame Arms line as beautiful girls! The latest addition to the range is a variation kit of the Stylet XF-3 with extra parts included.

This model is brought to life based on Takayuki Yanase's mech design and Humikane Shimada's character design.

Model specifications:
· This product is a variation kit that includes hard parts from the Stylet XF-3 in unarmed condition.
·The main parts are interchangeable with models from the Sousai Shojo Teien and ARCANADEA series.
· Expandable parts with 3 mm connection joints/points are included for the chest.
·The set includes three pre-painted face parts with different expressions: looking left/standard expression, looking forward/yelling and a smug expression with closed eyes.
·The regular stylet can also be recreated with this kit.
·The set contains five sets of PVC hands with ball joints.
·The back booster can be transformed into a fighter plane.
·For the nose cone on the back boosters, users have two choices, the regular design or a drone design.
·The set contains stickers for the eyes and other markings.
· The PVC hands are compatible with existing weapons from the MSG and Frame Arms series.
· The 3mm connection points on the arms and legs are compatible with existing weapons and armor from the MSG, Frame Arms and HEXA GEAR series.

[What is Frame Arms Girl?]

Frame Arms Girl is a spin-off series of Kotobukiya's original Mecha series ""Frame Arms"" that features all the Mecha as adorable girls.

The color-coded color scheme and face parts printed via pad printing means that the model can be assembled without the need for paint.

The 3mm connection points and PVC hands characteristic of the Frame Arms series allow users to use a wide variety of MSG Weapon Units, as well as weapons and armor from the Frame Arms series.

The head, arms, legs and other parts are compatible with the Frame Arms Girl models planned to be released in the future, allowing users to further customize their own Frame Arms Girl models.

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