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Gamorrean Guard 1/10th - Star Wars

Gamorrean Guard 1/10th - Star Wars

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Star Wars Statues

Elite Collection - 1/10 scale

Hailing from the planet Gamorr, the Gamorres are creatures as powerful as they are stupid. They are very brutal, and have a very low technological level. Contact with the planet Gamorr and its people is very rare, as these primitive creatures can attack and tear anyone apart.
Due to their strong build, many Gamorreans are employed off-planet as mercenaries or minions. Many of them work for Jabba the Hutt's criminal organization, as bodyguards for the gang leader.

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Gamorrean Guard statue - Star Wars

Gamorrean Guard

SKU: SW061
Limited edition of 999 pieces
Size: 19cm - 7.5''
Comes with its Attaku Certificate of Authenticity
From the movie: Return of the Jedi

Long awaited in the Elite area, the Tusken and Gamorrean Guard finally arrive in 1/10 scale for Attakus!

- Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe of Attakus and discover the Elite Collection statues in 1/10 scale!
- Resin statue of Gamorrean Guardeas, he appears in Episode VI of the Star Wars saga: Return of the Jedi.
– Collector numbered and limited to 999 pieces worldwide. Sculpted in France and hand painted. Comes with its Attaku Certificate of Authenticity. Size: 19 cm
– Flagship collection on Attakus, the STAR WARS ELITE collection offers collectible statues in a 1/10 scale, that is, around twenty centimeters for the majority of the characters.

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