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General Grievous – Star Wars

General Grievous – Star Wars

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Statues Star Wars

Classic collection - 1/5 scale

Qymaen jai Sheelal by his full name, General Grievous was first and foremost a warlord, a reptilian race from the planet Kalee. When the Separatist leaders, including Count Dooku and his master Darth Sidious, discover the extraordinary potential of this Kaleesh general, they decide to make him a valuable ally. Dooku then captures him, nearly kills him, and keeps him alive through his dark powers until he is placed in a vat of bacta on Geonosis. He then becomes this creature with a bionic body that will play a major role in the Clone Wars on the Separatist side.

Collector statue General Grievous n°0007/1500 - Star Wars

Very rare piece: n°0007/1500

Ref. : C136
Limited to: 1500 copies
Size: 42 cm
Comes with: certificate of authenticity
From the movie: Revenge of the Sith
No. 0007/1500

Count Dooku's ruthless lieutenant.
With incredible precision, this statue of General Grievous will take you back to Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, in the middle of the Clone Wars with this bionic creature whose only obsession is to wipe out all the Jedi!

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ATTENTION! only 2 pieces left. Due to very high demand, it may be necessary to allocate the last statues. Which we have no influence on!

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