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Ghost Face Statue 1/4 57 cm

Ghost Face Statue 1/4 57 cm

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Statues Ghostface

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Ghost Face® 1:4 Scale Statue, an iconic addition to any horror collectibles display.

Feel your blood freeze in your veins when you meet this killer staple of the Halloween season. Ghost Face 1:4 Scale Statue measures 22.5" high x 9" wide x 7" deep as the masked villain stalks his prey in the dark, standing atop a black pedestal base with a tiled floor theme. Ghost Face wields a knife in his gloved hands, while the haunting, elongated expression silently menaces any unfortunate victim that comes his way.

The Ghost Face Statue is a mixed media collectible with real fabric elements, tailored to bring this horror icon to life. The character's signature black harvest robe has a jagged edge and a distinct shimmer that recreates the look and feel of a Halloween costume. Threads inside the black arm tassels and at the bottom of the hood allow collectors to pose the garment with added menace and dramatic flair. The rest of Ghost Face's costume and body - including gloves, mask, shoes and pants - are fully sculpted with realistic details to enhance the figure's killer look.

Scares never go out of style! Pay homage to terror and take home the Ghost Face 1:4 Scale Statue from Premium Collectibles Studio today.


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