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Ghost in the Shell: SAC-2045 Statue 1/4 Motoko Kusanagi and Tachikoma (Bonus Version) 50 cm (ON DEMAND)

Ghost in the Shell: SAC-2045 Statue 1/4 Motoko Kusanagi and Tachikoma (Bonus Version) 50 cm (ON DEMAND)

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Statues Ghost in the Shell

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Experience the futuristic world of Ghost in the Shell with this impressive 1/4 scale statue of Motoko Kusanagi and Tachikoma from Prime 1 Studio. Standing 50cm tall, this collectible features a remarkably detailed facial sculpt and intricate paintwork, making it a must-have for any fan. This limited edition bonus version is a long awaited addition to the Ultimate Premium Masterline Series.

The statue represents the year 2045, where the "Big 4" nations are fighting an endless war known as "Sustainable War" following an economic catastrophe called "Simultaneous Global Default". Major Motoko Kusanagi and Tachikoma reunite to investigate a new post-human threat.

Prime 1 Studio has created a sublime statue with Maj. Kusanagi's new look captured in her pixel-perfect form. Her face is painted in soft, bubbly tones, and her personal transport and protective suit are rendered in anime-accurate detail. Motoko comes with two interchangeable left arms.

Tachikoma, her lovable sentient tank, is reproduced with picture-perfect styling and the signature blue color. Tachikoma comes with two sets of arms and is sure to please even the most dedicated Ghost in the Shell fans with his impressive and attractive statue.

The statue is placed atop a Ghost in the Shell themed sidewalk, reminiscent of the show's aesthetic, and transparent resin in the back highlights the show's iconic technological look. If you buy the bonus version from Prime 1 Studio's official online store, you'll also get a bonus head: May. Kusanagi wearing his high tech visor.

No doubt many fans of both the Major and Tachikoma and the entire Ghost in the Shell universe will want to get their hands on this attractive statue ASAP! So go ahead and pre-order it today!

Product Specifications:

- Statue Size approx. 20 inches tall [H: 50 cm W: 47 cm D: 53 cm]
- Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 theme base
- 2 interchangeable left arms for Major Motoko Kusanagi
- 2 interchangeable holsters for Major Motoko Kusanagi
- 4 interchangeable arms (2 x left and 2 x right) for Tachikoma
- 1 Motoko Kusanagi bonus head with visor [BONUS PART]

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