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Gravion Zwei Moderoid Plastic Model Kit Good E Gravion 17 cm

Gravion Zwei Moderoid Plastic Model Kit Good E Gravion 17 cm

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Model set Gravion

God S Gravion!
On to the ultimate combination…

From the anime series "Gravion Zwei" comes a plastic model of God S (Sigma) Gravion!
Gran S, G Shadow, G Driller, G Striker and G Attacker can be combined using interchangeable parts.
The core of the mecha, the Gran S, is fully articulated, combinable and transformable. A non-transformable body part for displaying God S Gravion in combined form is included to make the model easier to move and display.
The Graviton Lancer is included along with interchangeable hand parts. The launcher can be displayed in either connected or detached form.
Combine the Gran Kaiser included with MODEROID God Gravion, the Sol Gran Divas included with Sol S Gravion, and the God S Gravion itself to create the Ultimate Gravion! "Super Heavy Sword of Censure" is included for display with Ultimate Gravion.
*The Gran S and Gran Divas are identical in shape to those included with "MODEROID God Gravion" (sold separately) and "MODEROID Sol S Gravion" (sold separately) with some color differences.

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