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Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Bulk arm ß (Lumberjack) 17 cm

Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Bulk arm ß (Lumberjack) 17 cm

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Model set Hexa Gear

"Model information:
Bulkarm ß (Beta) was the next 2nd generation Hexa Gear developed by MSG after Bulkarm a (Alpha). Similar to the Bulkarm Alpha, there are a wide variety of Beta models in use that are often seen on the battlefield.
Its design is very similar to the Alpha unit's design except for the legs. The Beta unit comes standard with leg support devices for better mobility, improving its movement speed compared to the Alpha unit. This modification comes from how slow the Alpha unit was, which was a price paid for the unit's durable but extremely heavy armor.
Like the Alpha Unit, the Beta Unit has Iron Fist operators who prefer strength. The flexibility of the wrist joints has been improved, allowing operators to be equipped with a wider variety of weapons, from long-range cannons to melee equipment. However, most adaptations use smaller weapons like machine guns and knives to avoid hindering the unit's enhanced mobility.

Lumberjack is a variant of Bulkarm Beta. Built entirely with parts from MSG, it is clear that the model was designed with the aim of taking apart target units. The entity possesses a massive weapon known as the "Slugger Blade". The weapon's blade is made of a mysterious substance known as stelacrys. The properties of this new material allow the weapon to reach a high temperature instantly. The weapon can only be used with the power of a HEXA GR.AM but is extremely useful for destroying larger installations.
The sensor unit on the model's head makes it more suitable for close combat than firefights.

Model specifications:
- The enclosed cockpit can be opened and closed so that a separately sold Governor unit can be placed inside. *Due to model construction, some parts may need to be removed to fit certain regulators.
- The redesigned wrist frames use a universal joint that boasts a wider range of motion than the Bulkarm Alpha model and allows the model to hold the Slugger Blade weapon in both hands.
- The hover units on the model's ankles can be detached and reconfigured using included parts for use as a hovercraft for Governor models. The fans and rudders of the hovercraft are also articulated.
- The base of the Slugger Blade can be adjusted so that the weapon can be folded up and mounted on the model with the included attachment.
- Although the model shares some design elements from Bulkarm Alpha, the head, front chest armor and extra armor for the legs are completely new.
- The kit also includes the part to assemble two optional Bulkarm Alpha heads.

Included items:

- Lumberjack Model x1
- Slugger Blade x1
- Slugger Blade Mount Part x1
- Hovercraft hand parts x2 set
- Hovercraft footrest x2 set
- Bulkhead Alpha Head A x1
- Bulk arm Alpha Head B x1
- Archive card x1


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