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Iron Man 2 Action Figure 1/4 Iron Man Mark VI 48 cm

Iron Man 2 Action Figure 1/4 Iron Man Mark VI 48 cm

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The Iron Man Mark VI armor is an iconic creation of Tony Stark! Through meticulous engineering and relentless innovation, he has crafted a suit that is stronger and more formidable than any that came before it. In Iron Man 2, the Mark VI armor is tested to its limits as it engages in intense battles against Ivan Vanko and his drones. These confrontations showcase the high-tech suit's strength, agility, and advanced weaponry.

Inspired by and referenced from the Iron Man 2 movie, Sideshow and Hot Toys are thrilled to present the Iron Man Mark VI Quarter Scale Figure. Through meticulous attention to detail, the craftsmanship at Hot Toys has brought the sleek sophistication and power of this legendary sixth iteration of Iron Man's power suit to three-dimensional life.

Masterfully crafted 1/4 scale figure depicting the Iron Man Mark VI armor from the film. Standing approximately 48cm tall, the Iron Man action figure allows for dynamic posing across its full range of motion with over 40 points of articulation. Fight against damaged replaceable parts and bring the alternate appearance of the armor right off the screen. Subtle weathering depicts realistic battle pairs, while LED lighting features in the eyes, chest reactor and repulsors add an immersive display element.

This quarter-scale figure comes with a custom-designed diorama base depicting the battlefield, along with mechanical remains of the drones as diorama accessories for an intricate, realistic feel.

Pre-order this Marvel collectible figure and experience the future of powered armor for yourself!


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