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Iron Man Maquette Iron Man Mark III 41 cm

Iron Man Maquette Iron Man Mark III 41 cm

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"Tell you what. Throw a little hot-rod red in there."

Sideshow presents the Iron Man Mark III Maquette, stylishly implemented into your universe of Marvel collectibles.

The Iron Man Mark III Maquette measures 16" tall and 15.5" wide as a fit Tony Stark lands in a dynamic battle stance. His gold and red armor shines as he prepares his next attack, one fist drawn back to strike and his other hand breaking the ground beneath him. Blue repulsive energy fills the cracks, reminding Iron Man's enemies of the awesome power built into the Avengers' upgraded suit. This faithful recreation of an iconic, intricately designed costume will bring the MCU right from the silver screen to your shelf.

Based on the suit's cinematic appearance in Iron Man (2008), the Iron Man Mark III Maquette includes light-up features in the helmet's eyes, hand deflectors and the arc reactor. The dynamic, battle-ready base also lights up to add extra flair to this action-packed scene.

No need to be discreet! Add the Iron Man Mark III Maquette by Sideshow to your Hall of Armor today!

Product size: 41 x 39 x 39 cm

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