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Jurassic Park Demi Art Scale Statue 1/20 T-Rex attacks Donald Gennaro 30 cm

Jurassic Park Demi Art Scale Statue 1/20 T-Rex attacks Donald Gennaro 30 cm

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Enter the world of dinosaurs with this amazing Jurassic Park Demi Art Scale Statue 1/20 of T-Rex attacking Donald Gennaro 30 cm. Created with an incredible eye for detail, this collectible figure represents one of the most iconic scenes from the original Jurassic Park movie. This authentic and terrifying statue is the perfect gift for any Jurassic Park fan or collector of sci-fi and adventure figures. Order now and get cheap shipping costs!

During the torrential rains of a storm in the wild Isla Nublar, a giant and merciless prehistoric predator was genetically recreated in the present day as an attraction in a safari and zoo theme park, after breaking its containment fence where it was locked , watches its first human prey intently for a few seconds, trembling with fear and despair at such an unusual situation just before it is eaten. Iron Studios presents the diorama statue "T-Rex attacks Donald Gennaro - Jurassic Park - Demi Scale 1/20", featuring the most iconic dinosaur, the symbol of the Jurassic Park franchise, Tyrannosaurus, or simply T-Rex, in the most shocking moment of its first appearance in the film that started the trilogy in 1993, when it eats the greedy lawyer, Donald Gennaro.

A lawyer representing the investors in Jurassic Park, Donald Gennaro accompanied the approval team to inspect the viability and safety of the park. With his reservations, he doesn't believe the attraction until he sees a Brachiosaurus up close and sees a presentation. Gennaro then changed his mind and began to see the park as an opportunity to get rich. After the trip, he gets into the Ford Explorer on his automatic way next to Hammond's grandchildren. With a storm brewing, the group should have returned to the visitor center, but the power is cut by corrupt computer programmer Dennis Nedry, who forces the cars to stop in front of the T-Rex's Paddock. As the children watch in horror as the T-Rex eats a goat used as a distraction, Gennaro leaves them, taken by his cowardice, and runs to hide inside a cramped public toilet, sitting on a toilet seat. Without the electric fences to hold it, the T-Rex escapes and attacks the car where the children are, and to save them, mathematician Ian Malcolm tries to lure and distract the animal with a flare gun, causing it to run away in the direction of the bathroom, where the giant carnivore hits its head, causing the entire structure to fall apart next to Gennaro. He tries to keep still while sitting on the toilet, but the act of wiping his eyes from the falling rain attracts the attention of the T-Rex, which bites into his upper body and eats him.

Based on the story of the book of the same name by Michael Crichton, award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios wowed audiences worldwide in 1993 with the Jurassic Park film premiere. Fans of the franchise, Iron Studios portrays down to the smallest detail another unforgettable scene from this classic production in a 1/20 Demi scale. First revealed at CCXP 2022, this must-have statue for fans and collectors is already available for pre-order. See other statues previously revealed also up for pre-order this month, and more Jurassic news and more from Iron Studios coming soon.

Dimensions: 30 x 66 x 28 cm

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