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Labyrinth Statue 1/6 Hoggle 23 cm

Labyrinth Statue 1/6 Hoggle 23 cm

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Statues Labyrinth

Grab one of the rare 1/6 Hoggle 23cm Labyrinth Statues from Weta Workshop, which is limited to only 400 pieces worldwide! With its incredibly detailed design and lifelike expression, this statue is sure to impress you and everyone who sees it. And the good news is that we offer cheap shipping so you can get this unique statue at a price that fits your budget. Order now before it's too late and add this exclusive figure to your collection.

As she approaches the large perimeter of the maze, Sarah encounters a small, grumpy dwarf in the middle of 'the business'. Ignoring her, he picks up his disinfecting machine and sets about ridding the surroundings of small pests: fairies. "Terrible," notes Sarah. "No, I don't," he says, pausing slightly. "I'm Hoggle," and he continues on his way.
Once a loyal subject of the Goblin King, Hoggle's original purpose was to prevent the naïve Sarah from progressing through the labyrinth. Through threats, coercion and bullying, Jareth commanded the dwarf to betray Sarah's friendship, a friendship Hoggle never knew he wanted until now. Despite his meek and cowardly nature, the guilt-ridden creature found the courage to save Sarah from certain doom at the hands of the metal colossus: Humongous.
Our premium statue captures the intricate details of Hoggles' distinctive features, from his bulbous nose to his wrinkled skin, making him a treasured addition to any collection. Join us on a journey through the mysterious world of the labyrinth with this magnificent tribute to one of its most iconic characters.

- 1:6 scale, limited edition;
- Portrays the grumpy and ill-tempered Hoggle;
- Digitally sculpted by Weta Workshop sculptor Kim Beaton;
- Put up for exhibition with his friend, Ludo;
- Expression captures Hoggles' weary nature;
- Costume includes Hoggle's various tools and trinkets for life inside the maze;
- Made of high quality polystone.

Dimensions: 17.3 x 23.6 x 17.3 cm

Limited Edition of 400 pieces worldwide.

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