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Labyrinth Statue 1/6 Ludo 36 cm

Labyrinth Statue 1/6 Ludo 36 cm

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Statues labyrinth

Have you always wanted an authentic Labyrinth Statue? Then look no further than our 1/6 Ludo 36 cm figure from Weta Workshop! With an incredibly detailed shape and colors, this figure will take your collection to the next level. And with our cheap shipping, you can now get your hands on this amazing statue at a price that fits your budget. Order now and have this iconic figure delivered straight to your door!

'Things aren't always what they seem in this place, so you can't take anything for granted,' - the advice rings in Sarah's ears as she explores the treacherous maze. Trusting her feelings, the girl approaches the roaring, terrifying, hairy monster hanging at his feet. Carefully untying his cruel bonds, Sarah calms the frightened beast, and her friendly instincts are rewarded when he introduces himself as Ludo, Sarah's new best friend.

Hulking and massive, with large curled horns and tusks protruding from its broad belly, ludo menacingly menacing, but the creature's terrifying face hides a gentle soul beneath all the matted and disheveled hair. He responds to Sarah's generosity in kind, pledges his friendship and loyalty, and follows her into every danger the dizzying maze throws their way until he can go no further. But even as Sarah says goodbye to her friends for her final confrontation with the Goblin King, Ludo, Hoggle, Sir Didymus and all the beings whose hearts she has touched on her journey will always be with her…

Product features:

- 1/6 scale, limited edition;
- Portraying the gentle giant, Ludo;
- Digitally sculpted by Weta Workshop sculptors Kim Beaton and Mauro Santini on the fine details;
- Put up for exhibition with his friend, Hoggle;
- Expression captures Ludo's gentle demeanor;
- Sitting on the cracked stonework in the twisted labyrinth;
- Made of high quality polystone.

Dimensions: 33 x 36 x 30 cm

Limited Edition of 400 pieces worldwide.

Please Note: Due to the small run size and high demand for this item, allocations are possible.

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